Play with Me

Just wanted to wish everyone a good week!

Happy Humpday Dolly Fans :D 

Shake it!

LOL! Looks like this little guy wants to be famous too :D

Have a great long weekend Doll Fans – Kisses


Monday Motivation


Did I Mention… #NSFW 

It’s True…I Suck!

Someone once told me I’ve been preparing for this my whole life…well OBVIOUSLY :D


What does everyone think ;) 

Friday Funday

Practicing the Booty Dance! 




Monday Funday

Happy Masturbation Monday :D


Happy 4th :D

Happy 4th of July to all the wonderful Fans :D




Happy Weekend

Have a great weekend Ashley Doll Fans!


Haters Just Want to Hate

HI Everyone!

As some of you may be aware there are several fake accounts  that have popped up recently.  I believe it is all the same person. There is also a hate blog and it connects to this site.

I have reported it and I will get it taken down. TRUE  friends and fans, who know my character, know I don’t not say things like this:

“I like to play guys,  get them to buy me whatever I want then kick them to the curb”

“I don’t think I’m better then you, I know I am” 

Thank-you to my friends and fans who have come to the rescue.