Teaser Video: Red Red Wine

I like to end my day with glass of wine and a cum, best stress relief ever!

Ending My Day

I decided to take the night off, dress up a bit, have a glass of wine and a relaxing cum 


YES there is a video…cumming soon!




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School with Dolly

I’m looking for someone who can teach me a thing or two ;)

Garden Girl

With school back in, I only have time for my one little plant in the window. 


I think he watches me get naked,  must be all that stimulation that has keeps him alive ;)

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Playing Hula

Just having some fun playing with a hula hoop, seemed to work better once I was naked….

Back to School

Well the summer is over and its time to hit the books again….Oh what fun lol. 

Just being me at home getting down to the basics :D

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Teaser Video: Bikini Life ~ Slip n’Slide

A little baby oil and masturbation makes for a very sexy tan


Dream Dream

Nothing can compare to a good night sleep and a little strip tease first thing in the morning! Better than coffee in bed.

Hot Doll Cool Falls

I love bikinis! I’d wear them to the mall if I could.

Kind of a fashion staple for me :D

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Teaser Video: Doll in Window

One of my favorite videos! Sensual and Sexy