50 Shades of Ashley

I’m trying out some new looks here, hope you guys are enjoying  : )


My Dom look…Do you like?


PS Your answer should be “Yes Ma’am”

ashleydoll_003 ashleydoll_019 ashleydoll_027 ashleydoll_025

ashleydoll_050 ashleydoll_057 ashleydoll_064

Best Butt Award




A Fan told me I have the best Butt….

in & out of Yoga Pants : )


Do we all agree! 



Happy Valentines Day!

 ♥ ♥ My Valentine to all my Fans ♥ ♥




Doll of Hearts

With Valentines day just around the corner I thought this red dress and panties would be the perfect Valentines day outfit : )

ashleydoll_003 ashleydoll_015 ashleydoll_022 ashleydoll_032 ashleydoll_039 ashleydoll_055

Control Freak

I’m giving up control for once…Let me be your lil doll sexy slave ;)


Teaser Video: Hitachi Love Pre-Super Bowl Cum Show

Nothing like a Pre-Super Bowl Hitachi Cum Show!

Let the Masturbation….I mean Games Begin ;)


Hitachi Love

Here I go again with my hitachi! I’m obsessed with making hitachi cum videos!

Wonder if I can be one of the Super Bowl commercials ; ) 


50′s Doll Wife

Okay seriously I spend so much time with my Hitachi I think we are married : ) 

ashleydoll_012 ashleydoll_040 ashleydoll_041 ashleydoll_042 ashleydoll_056

Game of Dolls

At a friends house to play a few games of pool.  

And we decided to make it interesting, miss a shot, loose a piece of clothing : )

How did I do….

ashleydoll_001 ashleydoll_038 ashleydoll_049 ashleydoll_079 ashleydoll_102 ashleydoll_174

Chilled Doll


 It was kind of a cool cloudy day but the outcome… Sexy Sensual 


ashleydoll_006 ashleydoll_001 ashleydoll_013 ashleydoll_033


ashleydoll_075 ashleydoll_061