Hot Doll Cool Falls

I love bikinis! I’d wear them to the mall if I could.

Kind of a fashion staple for me :D

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Teaser Video: Doll in Window

One of my favorite videos! Sensual and Sexy

Heavenly Doll

I feel so angelic in this white dress, but dont worry no matter how innocent I look the clothes will always come off.

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If it has a shine or sparkly  I love it! 

Question is…Do my pants have enough of a shine that you can see yourself in them?

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My Not So Secret, Secrets

Yes I know its no secret I love to shop, if its bikinis or lingerie I’m hooked!

Not only do I love to shop I love taking taking off my clothes.  Two not so secret, secrets I like to shop and get naked :D

Teaser: Hot Touch

Nothing is better than a hot orgasm in the heat 

O Baby Oil

Turns out I like to masturbate outside, something about the neighbors seeing or hearing really turns me on :D 


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Fetish Doll

I love all things that have to do with my legs! Black nylons are just HOT!

Too Hot!

July in Arizona is sooo HOT! To hot to shoot outside. 

So I went casual on this one. Sexy at home :D

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Surprise Gift :D

I got a gift in the mail today…says it from “Ding Dong Feng

lol not sure if was joke in name play but whoever you are Thank-you ♥